"Privet!" from Nizhnevartovsk with love 🇷🇺

Hi! :wave:

I want to apologize in advance, I speak and write English very badly. This text was created with the help of Yandex-translator

My name is Nikita. I was born, grew up and live in Nizhnevartovsk (Russia). I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about our small town of 270 thousand people. It is best known for producing oil and gas. The city is located in Siberia, near the largest oil field in Russia — Samotlor. And we have a lot of snow, little sun and wildly cold (up to -57°C).



Despite the harsh climate and harsh professional oil workers, many young active people live in Nizhnevartovsk. We have great artists, musicians, designers, playwrights, actors, videographers and other creators.

For example, recently the play of a resident of our city was recognized as one of the best in Russia in 2019:

And the film of the Director from Nizhnevartovsk won the international short film festival:

But since we are here to talk about street art, I will tell you more about it.

We have some local street artists. For example, perhaps you know the artist Yulia Volchkova — she is known for her works all over the world. Dak here is, she was born and grew in Nizhnevartovsk.




Also, we sometimes come to draw guys from other cities and countries. Last year we held the festival “Art quarter”. Thanks to him, on the walls of houses appeared stunning murals.

And this summer, my friends and I held a campaign to protect and restore street paintings. They collected money and brought the artist from Tver to restore the work, which was mistakenly painted over by the city services.

I don’t paint myself, but I can talk about street art in our city indefinitely — I’m burning with this topic. Last year, my friends and I gathered an online collection of all street art Nizhnevartovsk and put them on the most popular map in our city (2gis).


As well as collected in One Google dock.

It’s time to introduce the street tattoos of our city to the whole world! :smile:

I am very glad that there is you-a community of like-minded people with whom you can communicate and share your delight, experiences, thoughts. I am very happy that I was accepted here.

I hope that I can learn new ideas here and be useful to the community.

Let’s be friends and create :tada:

My instagram: @nnalekseenko (https://www.instagram.com/nnalekseenko/)
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Hi Nikita,

Well tha’s what I call an introduction. we learned a lot about you and I’m sure you’re in the right place here. This community is filled with people with a psiion for street art and graffiti.
You nalready did a great job collecting all the artworks and I think I speak for the majority of our community, we never heard of Nizhnevartovsk. That’s the beauty of our platform, we show not only the well known place for streetart like New York, Berlin and Paris for example. But we like the show those place nobody heard of.

And yes I know Julia, she painted a container at one of our Rock venues in Belgium (ref North West Walls project). So by all means, show us the beauty of your city.

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