Possibilities and ideas

Firstly - it’s a great site and a wonderful resource for research! congrats to everyone involved!

My query might already be possible and I just haven’t found how to do it, but when you’re USING the site (rather than adding to it), it would be great to see where the individual artwork is on the map. i’m trying to work out what’s possible to see in a limited time in a big city and don’t know where to find specific walls without opening google maps at the same time. is there another way to do this? perhaps by the site zooming in on the one you’re looking at? or clicking on the address and it automatically zooming in to the location?

Also is it possible for the image that opens when you click on an artwork or an artist to be a fuller image rather than a detail or a half-section?

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Both noted, will add to the list that we talk about with the development guys :slight_smile:
Really like the zoom-in-on-location idea!

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Same here, really liking the idea to zoom in to the location.

Hi Lou ,

Do you mean something like this (orange circle around artwork) so you know on which artwork you clicked?
I don’t think a zoom in on the map is that convenient because you have to zoom out when you want to see another artwork! What do you think?


Yes, that would work. Just some way that you can identify the location of the work that you’re reading about (as long as the ‘identifier’ is sufficiently significant to isolate an artwork, especially when there’s a batch close together). The zoom is unnecessary unless there’s an automatic zoom in and zoom out - you’re right about having to zoom again to return to the original screen slowing you down. A great solution! Thank you on behalf of users!

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Lets do it! I’ll ask @thomas if he can build this. I already added this task to his to do list :facepunch::wink: