Points of Interest (POI)

Yes, it’s again me with a new question

I find it difficult to point out a route, when artworks are not very close together, The system points out the route in a way, I never would rercommend. It could be helpful to point out landmarks like sculptures or other art in public space like wells or perhaps churches. How do you think about a tool to insert/mark points of interest in our map?


i agree, it is hard to create a route. Ok, I am a total newbie and the create a route is still a bit confusing to me. Maybe we could organise the suggested routes by neighbourhoods or artist.

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To organise a route by neighbourhood seems to be a good way, by artist is not practicable in my hometown, Essen, because there mostly are various artists scattered.

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I do agree. It’s really difficult to point out a route. We really appreciate your feedback and we’re definitly going to improve it but it takes a little more work then you think. That’s why we’re writing down all your suggestions and in a few week we hope to show you a better solution.

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