Pictures not showing on the map

Hi Guys,

How are you all keeping ?

I’m trying to upload few artworks for London and although they are appearing on the updates as new artworks they are not showing up on the map.

Can anyone assist please ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:



Awesome that you’re uploading new works, always happy to see those pop up in my city :slight_smile:

It usually takes a few minutes for new artworks to show up on the map. We’re working on making this more real-time.

The last one you added yesterday is now showing up for me:

Hi Thomas ,

Excellent, thanks for letting me know .
It has been instantly added to the map on previous occasions so thought I’d check in case I’m doing something wrong :smile:

Not new works as such, just a good update and catch up with everything .
You’re London based as well?
More fresh, new works to be added soon though as London Mural Festival is running throughout the month of September and they’re hosting some amazing artists from all over the world.

Keep an eye out or check the London Mural Festival IG for more.

Thanks again and have a lovely day ahead !

Yes, London Mural Festival is super exciting. Lots of activity relatively close to my area as well (based in Hackney)!

Have a great day too!

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