Paste Up Gatherings

I think that Paste Up is probably my favourite form of streetart!
Sheffield once had a vibrant paste up scene but now it is slumbering so I want to wake up it up!!
One idea I am considering is to organise a Paste Up Gathering for artists to create an active Paste Up Hot Zone.
Has anyone heard of or seen such an event?
What do you think?

That sounds very cool!

I know there’s something like that in Berlin: is under construction

Haven’t seen any other things like that in the UK however, so might be quite unique!

Thanks Thomas. I will check out the link.

In Bristol we have a small paste up scene, but mostly from visiting artists. Upfest is always a great opportunity for wheatpasters to gather and show us their work. The organisers don’t like it too much because they are required to remove them by Bristol City Council, but for everyone else the paste ups are very much a part of the festival and dozens of artists get busy (under cover of darkness).

A bit late this reply, but my first thought was that you should contact Senor Schnu (Berlin). He was the one and only organizer of the German Pate Up Festival 2018 & 2019 in Berlin. The 2020 plans were brutally stopped by Corona. He might be a person of interest for you (