Partnership Program

What’s up!

Our city websites bring in thousands of visitors per month, mostly from street art enthusiasts and people working in art, urban culture or tourism. We now want to experiment with ways to enhance our value to you who organise & produce murals in cities.

We think it’s time to experiment with something like this, who’s in, and who has some clever ideas?



Hello Bart,
A button ‘I want a mural at my place’ or someting like that would be great on the Ghent map.
Not that it’s always possible (some areas are Unesco heritage) but at least I know where it’s possible and where not.

Ferre my man, do you produce murals as well? Or do you want to help in finding the right spots only, without helping in producing the murals? Just trying to get a complete ‘beeld’ here. :slight_smile:

Not producing them myself. Rather playing an intermediate role between artists / artistic crews, the city (cultural & heritage services) and interested people. Financing is always the tricky bit: sometimes the city can help, they alse have an own crowdfunding system (for free), and there are some ogansations that also help if they get involved.

Cool, we’ll write you down for Ghent and involve you in the pilot. Wallin’ will also colaborate on Ghent I think.

cool, they are very active here