One Artist entry is blocking all other [Solved]

Hunter from Novi Sad has entered the information about the author of the mural and the system recorded this entry under


All pieces from the same artist in Belgrade are entered as

Junk -

If you want to see all works from the Junk (4249) you will get only artwork for JUNK (3696)

Hey Igor,

Thanx for pointing this out. When changing the artist from JUNK to Junk in Novi Sad, it’s still blocking the artist’s overview.
This is something our CTO @thomas needs to take a look at.

grtz Tim

I came to the forum because of another problem, so I took a look at what happened to this topic in the meantime. Not a single work for the artist Junk appears anymore

Hey Igor,

So is this solved then?

No, it is not solved. I even tried to make a new Junk artist (artists/junk-12887) but still old JUNK (artists/junk-3696) is bloking all other Junks :slight_smile: Maybe it will be best to delete all Junk versions and to leave only one

Oh, strange bug!

I’ve just merged all the Junks into one :slight_smile:

Great, it works now :slight_smile:
Could you merge also Junkart84 (artists/junkart84-3908) it the same artist

Awesome! Done! :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot. There are three of us who are entering for Belgrade, and it happens that the others enter another Junk, and since Junk draws in Europe, there will be more users of this system who will enter him. After all, the whole problem started with the entry in Novi Sad by a fourth person