Olá, prazer, and nice to meet you from Lisboa, Portugal

Hi everyone -

My name is Greg, and I’ve lived in Lisbon, Portugal for almost four years now. I walk the streets mainly around the old city center of Lisbon daily, and have for four years now. The break has been particularly great in the pandemic, but I particularly enjoy seeing how the street art and poetry in the city evolves week by week.

Previously I lived for nearly three decades in San Francisco, CA. In addition to being active in the street art community in San Francisco, I was also a bit of a writer there too – having learned my trade from the likes of old school writers like Joker (https://instagram.com/jokrae415/) and stencil pros like Strider Patton (https://instagram.com/striderpatton/) at First Amendment SF (https://www.instagram.com/1amsf/).

Feel free to reach out and connect. I will definitely want to whenever traveling to your locales!

Oh, and my street art Instagram is under my Portuguese drag queen finsta, Cyd Chouriço: https://www.instagram.com/cyd.chourico/

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Ola from Perth. I’m Portuguese and live in Perth, Australia.
Looking forward to some new art from around Lisbon.