Olá and hi from Lagos Portugal

Hi everyone, my name is Jacky. I live part-time in Lagos and part-time in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Last year during the lockdown in Lagos, I got to know the city very well and tried to find all the art work there was to find. Lagos has a very lively street art community and that is because the LAC, an cultural association that develops and promotes artistic creations in the region. That’s why there is lots of art work to be found and every year new pieces are made. I am looking forward to find them all and share them here with you!

My instagram account is @my.second.home.in.portugal


Hi Jacky,

Judging from your instagram, you are what we would call a bofkont! A holiday house in Lagos sounds just wonderful. I’m for whatever reason totally into OK Portugal (YT channel) in which you can see affordable houses throughout Portugal (it actually ís offordable!). So I get your enthusiasm!

We’re in Lisbon once every two years because of the Urban Creativity conference there, they are a partner of us.

And lastly, if you happen to talk to someone from LAC, let them know you’re with SAC. I bet we could help Lagos out a bit in promoting their art. It would help us become sustainable as well.

Glad to have you here Jacky, check in once in a while!


Hi Jacky, Welcome to the SAC community! I’m Portuguese but live in France and try to feed the SAC app for Montpellier, Nimes and Lisbon.
I’ve been going to Lagos for SUmmer holidays for many, many years and it was only last Summer that I realised there was a quite vibrant street art scene there. I did a quick tour and the art found was quite impressive. I’m glad you’re there and I hope you can feed the SAC app for my next trip and street art hunting tour in Lagos, next Summer! :wink:
It would be cool to meet up if you’re around.
Kind regards,
Lia aka @MovieScientist :blush:


Hi Bart, great to hear from you. Sorry for the late reply. I am already in contact with the LAC, it’s a great organization. See you maybe sometime in Lagos! Jacky

Hi Lia, thanks for your message, sorry for my late reply. Yes, I would love to meet sometime in Lagos. Let me know when you are there.

Hi again Jacky, I’ll probably be back in Lagos in August. I’ll give you a shout when I know the exact dates. Look foward to meeting you!

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