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hello everyone!
I just started a Blog recently. I would love for you to take a look! also if you have a blog, please share it!!
the Street Art Chick BLOG

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I can’t relate to the ‘itch’ you describe in NYC, since I’ve only been there twice. I do see the same developments in graffiti and street art throughout the world. And I’m wondering what my opinion is on the matter. That’s why I thought I should write, without having a clear answer haha. Okay, here we go.

Times change. As living in caves dissapeared, so did cave muralism. People just love to leave a mark, make a statement and share it with others. Can be offline on trains and walls, can be online by defacing a website. Can be both nowadays even. Options have increased since the rise of the computers, and we’re all taking part in it.

We’ve been accused of totally destroying the romance of street art. ‘But you remove the element of surprise!’ she said. That same woman totally loved books about graffiti and street art. I don’t see the difference between increasing the reach of an artwork via book publication, or uploading it with an app like SAC. The latter being far more efficient and able to get quick updates. Bottomline; if you don’t like the app, don’t like tours, don’t like blogs about art, don’t visit them and just head out to a city and go explore! To each it’s own!

Point I’m trying to make is; times is changing, and that also has it’s impact on art, and the way we consume or even participate in art (hello JR). I hate the fact that beautiful historical city centers are being taken over by glass buildings, and I love the view I get while being up on the Xth floor of one of em. I do understand your frustration about NYC’s soul being carefully replaced by emptiness (glass and concrete). That sucks.

So yeah, dear @TheStreetArtChick I get your point, I agree even, but times are changing. Don’t like it? Try to resist and find or build your own happy little place. Otherwise, adapt and find new ways to get your fix. Not sure if I made a point here, but it was fun sharing my perspective on your post here and your blogpost.

Best advice; keep it real. Whatever that means to every individual.
Nas - NY State of Mind (letsss gooooooo)

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hello :wave:
yes, i am trying to adapt of course. but i’ve always lived here in NYC & feel the soul of my city is disappearing, perhaps gone. BUT with Street Art I find the fantasy & reality all mixed as one. it helps me adapt to this ever changing environment.
come back to New York, i’ll happily show you around! or better, have a meet-up here!

Beth, I think that is a really really great Idea, you know that? @anon69780978 can we go to NYC for a meetup?

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that would be so awesome! all of us New York Hunters would love to meet you! i’m sure we’d love to meet each other actually!
there’s a really great Social Media convention here in a few weeks. maybe keep it in mind for next year?