No "Upload Images" option?

Hi! I was just about to add some new pieces, but the image uploader has somehow disappeared – anyone else running into this issue?

28 PM

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I’ll pass it on your the IT crew

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That’s what I get for doing late-night updates without checking properly… Apologies, should be fixed now!


Hooray, thanks for the fix!!

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Hi guys, the no upload images problem is back. Both Kiki (my Athens hunting partner) and I are unable to upload images. IMG-be8895bbbb3b626b9e85915045cd8fb1-V

Hey There!

I checked the issue, because some of us experienced the same bug, so maybe everyone can share their version/browsertype just to see if we can find something in that area.

newly updated version also has the same problem…

Sorry folks, something seems to have gone wrong while releasing a new version of the platform this afternoon. It should be restored now. Let me know if you still experience problems!

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Thomas, thank you we are now able to upload