New (traveling) hunter

Hi fellow hunters!!
I’m new here, as a hunter, but I have used the Street Art Cities app for years! I love art and love to travel so I’m always looking for street art when exploring new cities.

I am currently living in the U.S., in the state of Connecticut, but as I write this I am on a vacay in Quebec City and we visited Montreal last week.

If asked, I would call Albuquerque, New Mexico home even though I haven’t lived there for about 5 years. I left ABQ to live in Europe for 2.5 years and now I’m staying in CT to help family. My travel buddy is my dog, Sparky. He does get a bit tired of me stopping all the time on mural hunting days, but he loves to explore new places too so he puts up with me! :grin:

Happy to join the community!


Hi Trippychick,

Welcome to our family, glad to have you here!
Looks like frequent travelling is an understatement for you, and @Bart , our co-founder is going to love you ravel with Sparky. He’s definitely gonna ask for a picture :wink:
Great to émeet and hope to see some of your travels soon.

Hi there TrippyChick, global traveler! Still wondering how you do it, if you take your dog to Europe from the states. Within the US they are allowed in most airliners, right? I mean, in a seat, as a passenger.

Tim is totally right, I am very very much a dog person. I was raised by dogs also. So I guess thats where that comes from. :slight_smile:

Hope to see some cool pictures of you from ABQ or the other places you stay at. Great to have another dog lover in our community! Enjoy!


Hi Bart,
I believe you can tell so much about a person if they love and treat animals well. So thank you for reaching out!

As for airline travel to Europe, small dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin, but Sparky weighs about 50 lbs (23 kg) and he had to go in a crate in the baggage hold. So, it was great to drive to Canada with him.

I will upload my Montreal & Quebec City street art pics this week. I also stopped in Albany, NY on my way home after reading about their #capitalwalls project.

As long as you and Tim do not mind changing my city access sometimes, I would love to help you add more U.S. cities to the website!! I have Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico mural pictures already saved and will work on Connecticut and neighboring states next, because I am living here…for now.

Kind regards,

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That sounds promising Angie:)!
Have a nice (hunting?) weekend:).