New name artist Gnasher

Whilst updating the map of Southend-on-Sea, I noticed the artist by the name of Gnasher Graffiti Murals is now painting under the name of Gnasher Murals (his old account was hacked). So I added a new artist name, but I don’t feel very happy with two names for one artist. What is the best thing to do? Can someone change the murals with the old name into the new one? Or should I have stuck with the old name?

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I’m sure someone can sort this for you.
@Stef , can you help?

I have been thinking, maybe both names should be changed into only Gnasher?

What I always do is check the artist’s website. There you normally find the name he goes by.
The names on socials aren’t always representative, because the ‘name’ isn’t available or in this case he had to create a new name.
So my suggestion is stay with Gnasher.


Had a quick look and changed all his works to GNASHER, I’ll ask him to verify his artist page


Thank you Tim.
Nice to hear we think the same :blush:

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@thomas / @Noa_Heutz /@Streetartwerpenaar

There is still a Gnasher Murals in the artists list. Guess it’s still because of the merging process?