New London based Hunter

Hey Everyone, pleased to join this great community! Tom here from London. First really got into street art on a trip to Oslo and seeing some of the impressive murals there; this was the start of my journey that has now evolved to a real passion for street art! Some of my favourites - Phlegm, Fanakapan and recently I’ve been discovering work by Woskerski, Cranio & Otto. I love spending time scouting new pieces across London! Anyway, thrilled to be here and thanks for having me!


Goodmorning Tom,

Welcome to the family, London really needs a good update so hopefully you can bring a fresh breeze.
Already saw some of your uploads, looking great. Don’t forget to complete your hunter profile, so fellow hunters learn some more from you and can connect.

Good luck and enjoy the hunt


Hi Tom! Welcome to Street Art Cities community! I visited London in 2022 and I loved it there! Especially east London has so many great street art and I was so excited just walking on the streets there! It’s different level coming from Tokyo really. I love Fanakapan and Otto too! Hope I can go back there sometime soon! :blush:


Good to have you here Tom! Always fun to see fellow Londoners!

Let me know how you get on and if you need anything.