New hunter - travelling

Hello everyone!

I am joining this community because I would like to share the street art that I see when I travel. This interface is new and I will learn to use it.

Currently, I am in Berkeley, California, USA, and I will return to Montreal, Canada, during the summer. On the way, I will go to other places. I may edit my pictures and I might not at other times, let’s see. You can send me comments on my picture.

If you have suggestions about posting on this site, let me know.

Best wishes,

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Hi Claudiane,

Great to see you here, welcome! It’s nice to meet more hunters from the USA & Canada, there’s still a ton to be documented. Where are you based out of? Berkeley?
Just visit the forum regularly and follow us on instagram, that way, you’ll know whats happening with the community and our platform.

Have a great day!