New hunter in national capital

hi street art cities folks and fellow hunters,

I’m INCKERZ: a new hunter working out of Canberra, Australia.

Together with my pup, Barclay, and my trusty iPhone Pro we will be mapping all street art around us. We are on track to have Canberra represented with the highest per capita amount of hunted street art in the country (!)

Wish me luck, legends


Hey INCKERZ! It’s great to have another Ken Behren on board, nice to meet ya! I moved from Canberra back in September (Sydney-based), but my workplace is primarily based in Canberra. Government… you know how it is!

I reckon Canberra has over a thousand street art murals. All the collaborations with Icon Water, everything by Geoff Filmer (aka Graffik Paint), and it just happens to be everywhere hopefully another Surface Festival-level event comes to Canberra soon!

I’m currently working on a backlog after the last three years (currently mapping out Wollongong), but I think I’ve added about 450 murals across NSW in the last month? I have 597 items pending upload for Canberra, so I’ll be adding in quite a few soon-ish/next month.

Cheers, all the best for you and Barclay with the hunt!

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Hello hello:),

Welcome on Street Art Cities! Nice to see that Australia is well represented and active on our platform. Go Go Go:)!

Gr Stef

Hi Inckerz,

Got a first name to share :innocent: :wink:
Welcome to the family looking forward to see some of your uploads, hope you had a look at the guide I wrote on adding artworks.

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Hiya skippey! Welcome to the team :grin:

Hello Inckerz,
Welcome to the friends of street art. We hope you enjoy searching for works that artists have made there and look forward to what you will post.
Note; Be sure to check out the “Guide Lines” written by our friend Tim.
Have fun mate

incredible work, brggsr! canberra now officially the highest per-capita city hunted outside of Europe! love ur work


Welcome from Melbourne mate!