New Hunter from Tokyo

Hello, I’m Yoshie from Tokyo! I’ve just became a hunter for Street Art Cities recently. Map of Tokyo still very empty, so I will add all my street art photos taken over the years.

Tokyo’s not the greatest city for murals because of the restrictions, but maybe that makes me feel more special when I encountered a great mural!

I sometimes travel to see murals overseas too!

Feel free to check out my IG! @rocknrollnight


Welcome to Street Art Cities from Melbourne, Australia.


Great news. Will be in Tokyo in 8 weeks and still try to find hotspots. Welcome :wave:


Hi Andrew! Looking forward to visiting your city in September! :blush:


Hi Frank! Thanks for welcoming me! I’ll keep up with adding more street art spots in Tokyo map before your visit! :rofl:

Hello Yoshie! It is great to have you here for Street Art Cities! I was very recently in Tokyo (only for about 6 hours) but I spent about a week in Osaka (and Kobe). I look forward to seeing your photos for Tokyo!

I will be in Tokyo next year again to hunt more for street art. I really adore going to Japan. See you 'round!


Hi beggar! That’s great! Osaka has lots of great murals than Tokyo! :sweat_smile: Unfortunately, we have more stricter Metropolitan government regulations here… yet, you can still see some big name street artists’ artworks! Hope you have more time in Tokyo next time! :wink:

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