New Hunter from Rome, Italy

Hello everyone!

My name is Elga, and I’m a new hunter in Rome, Italy.

I’m really passionate about street art and enjoy exploring the city to discover hidden gems in unexpected places.
I can’t wait to share some of the amazing street art finds in Rome with the community.

I’m happy to be here!


Glad to have you on board Elga:)! Cheers Stef

Buongiorgno Elga,

Welcome to our family! I love Rome visited many times and know Rome needs a big update. I checked out your first upload, looking good. I see you also found your way to the ‘marker tag’ feature. If you know the creation date, you can fill it in there too.

Do you have an IG page by any chance, if you do and it’s street art related, please add it to your hunter profile, so our community can easily connect. Maybe even hunt together when visiting Roma.
Keep on hunting

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Hi Tim,

I only know that the street art were made on November 2022, but in the “market tag” the creation date is a data picker field where I need to select a day. What is the best choice in this case? Should I choose a random day or is better not to enter the creation date?



Good question, when I’m not exactly sure of the date I would go for the middle. So the 15th.
As long as the year and month are accurate.

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