New hunter from Aarhus, Denmark

Hej Hunters, I am Silvia living in Denmark now. Originally, I am from Munich and lived in Austria for some years; so once in a while, I might come across nice pieces from there as well.
I love street art and am amazed to see this nice crowd here.
Aarhus, the city I live in now, put quite some effort in creating nice and diverse street art pieces. Recently, they even invited artists to decorate 17 building walls around the city :star_struck: love to hunt and add them to your beautiful website.


Can’t wait to see the newest artworks:)
Welcome to Street Art Cities,Silvia

Cheers Stef

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Hello Silvia. Welcome. Waiting to see the street art works of your city


Hi there Silvia, thank you for sharing the developments in Aarhus with us! Curious to see how your city evolves!