New Feature: Photo Credits 📝

Hi guys! We’ve got an update! We know that some of you have been slightly reluctant to post your own or other people’s pictures (with permission!) because it wasn’t visible who had taken the photo.

We’ve fixed that now, by adding the possibility to add photo credits for each picture you upload.

To do so, after uploading images, click the ‘Edit photo credits…’ link just above the images section in the artwork edit screen:

You’ll be shown a dialog window that let’s you set names for each picture. When you’ve done that for one artwork, names will be saved, and presented as suggestions to you with every next artwork you add photo credits to:

Entered credits will be displayed at the bottom of the artwork details page, both on web and on mobile, together with the name of the hunter!

Happy hunting, and let us know if you have any feedback, questions or ideas!


Awesome thomas. It’s so easy. Thanks!!!


Thanks a lot, it is very useful and gives a lot of credit to the people behind the camera.
Love it!!!