New Feature: Notification Settings

I’ve just added a little feature on the website - in your profile, you can now manage your notification settings. We’ll bring this to the mobile app in the near future as well.

Are there other parts of the Street Art Cities experience where you’d wish you had more control? Always interested in hearing your feedback!

Best wishes for the week ahead!


Thomas two thoughts I’ve had, that I think would help.

  1. The ability to “drill-down” more when viewing artworks in the Hunter Artworks screen. For example I think a check-box where you could choose to only see Drafts, and a check box to select to only see Hidden/Removed.

  2. Also, I would like to be able to see Notes left by Community members, and also whether a Community member has “Seen” the piece from the Artworks edit screen on the web version. This is because we notice that when someone has “Seen” an artwork, it gets moved up to the top of the Artworks list, but when viewing on the web app it is not apparent why.

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Good feedback! I’ll discuss it with the team!