New Feature: Forum Direct Messaging

Hello, Everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting update to our forum that many of you have been requesting. Thanks to insightful suggestions from our community members @Stef and @brggsr , we have now enabled chat functionality on our Street Art Cities Forum!

What’s New?

  • Direct Messaging: You can now chat with other forum members in real-time. Whether you want to discuss your latest project, coordinate an event, or simply connect with like-minded street art lovers, our new chat feature will make these interactions smooth and immediate.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: As we gear up for the upcoming introduction of new dashboards and specific user roles like Country Manager and Quality Control, this chat feature will be incredibly useful. It provides a simpler way to communicate with other hunters, artists, and members of our community.
  • Group Chats: You can also create group chats, making it easier to coordinate and share ideas among multiple members at once. Whether you’re planning a hunt or discussing regional street art trends, these group conversations can enhance the way we connect and create together.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.31.39

We believe these enhancements will make our community even more vibrant and connected. The chat function is just the beginning of several exciting updates we plan to introduce, all aimed at making your experience as engaging and supportive as possible.

Start chatting today and let us know what you think!

Happy chatting,
@Noa_Heutz & @thomas