Negative movement in Artworks totals

I have noticed that the artwork totals on the Cities list often goes backwards for some cities, in fact when the list refreshed today seven out of the top 10 cities went backwards (LA -2, Antwerp -1, Ghent -5, Berlin -34, Sydney -10, Montpellier -1 and Paris -12).

Given that technically (as I understand it) you should only delete stuff added in error - that is, things should be marked “Removed” rather than actually deleted, I was wondering why there is so often backwards movement and why it is sometimes such large-ish numbers. Is there some sort of automated clean-up task or something?

Maybe its better to hide this list until the algorithms are correct?

I was not talking about rankings, but about the totals of artworks. Interested to know why this would go backwards, in some cases by large numbers. I was just wondering if there was some cleanup task or something that was actually deleting records or something. I wondered that perhaps some of ours were being deleted but we were just not noticing this because we are always adding others each day, and it only becomes obvious when the number of artworks decreases from one day to the next. I was just wondering why the number of artworks would go backwards, given that I understood that you just marked them as removed, rather than actually deleting them.

I think I am correct in saying that the total shown is all artworks (and includes archived ones)?

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Hi Andrew!

In this particular case - it has to do with us deleting old entries we auto-imported from a few years ago.

We got some feedback from people that these weren’t useful at all, so in agreement with the owner of, we took them off the platform.

We basically never delete artworks added by our hunters, and definitely not automatically. The only exception would be the mods removing spam or illegal content, but in that case they’d notify the hunter.


Thank you Thomas, that explains it. Good work, those Legal Wall entries annoyed me for Melbourne too.