Need your help for my thesis - "Collecting and exhibiting Street Art"

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I am going to write a thesis about “collecting and exhibiting Street Art” and I need your help or opinion about that topic. In my thesis I want to show the “advantages” and “disadvantages” of collecting and exhibiting street art. I have to and want to treat this topic critically and objectively.
I’m dealing with this topic every day, because I work in a street art/ urban art museum in Munich.

So what do you think about collecting street art and exhibit it in a gallery or museum?

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In Puerto Rico for the first time ever a Museum did a “Street Art” exhibition where they painted the walls of the rooms. Some of our local artist which have done works internationally were part of this exhibition (ex. Bik Ismo, David Zayas, Dama Lola). The Museum that did this was Museo Las Americas, which is a well-known museum. The exhibition was done by David Zayas.

You can read about the exhibition here (be advised they are written in Spanish):
Article 1
Article 2

The life cycle of street art is meant to disappear at one point. The important thing is to document the art. As far as collecting it would be supporting the artist and buying signed and numbered prints as well as original art work.

Regarding urban art being exposed in exhibitions and galleries, hell yes. All will depend on the audience of the gallery or where it’s being exposed. But it will no longer be street art, would be more urban contemporary art…


@pfraites Thanks for your reply! It helps me a lot! :slight_smile:
I totally agree with you!

So what do you think about collecting street art and exhibit it in a gallery or museum?

I think everyone should decide for him/herself on the collecting part. If it is truely streetart, I think theres a danger of missing the context if its in your house/gallery. Im not talking about a canvas’ by a street artist. I mean; street art. Artistic expression of a personal view, statement or estheticly/artistically ‘flexing your muscles’ in public space.
By all means, collect it, but I think it looses power if it’s not in the context it was made for, or in which it seeks interaction with.

Works by a street artist that do not seek interaction with the public space is art in my perspective. I wouldnt call it street art anymore.

Goodluck with your research!

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@pfraites @Bart thank you so much for your help!
helped me a lot!
I just sent the thesis to my professor :slight_smile:

PS: I mentioned Street Art Cities in my thesis :slight_smile:

Oh exciting! And so cool! Can you put it on the forum? Or is that not allowed to publish it on non-uni channels?

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Well it depends on which grade I get :slight_smile: Just kidding!
I think would be ok, when I put it on the forum, but it’s in german.
If you like, I can write a summary (e.g. 2 sites) in english for you

I’m a passionate collector (and photographer) for all sorts of (small) pieces of street-art. Of course it’s not possible to collect them in their real size, but you can realize the differnt styles pretty well!
A lot of my pieces are presents from artists all over the world - and they are glad when I post their artworks (in social networks), small or large. Also it’s a pleasure in photo exhibitions to show their work, but: 1. mention the artists (credits) 2. do not use pictures for commercial purposes 3. If possible ask the artists before you show their artworks to earn some money.
If you do so, it will be a pleasure for all.

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Hi Carina,
We are involved in FISART (International Street Art Festival of Timisoara / Western Romania) and we beleive in the Street Art Museum Concept. Wir kooperieren mit den Städten Miami, Kassel, Frankfurt und Halle a.d. Saale und können Dir viele Informationen bez. deiner Interesse zuschiken. Bitte melde Dich für eine bessere Kommunikation über Mail. Meine mail ist:
Servus aus Temeswar, Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 2021,

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Hey guys, thank you so much for your help!
I’ve got a good grade! :slight_smile: