Moin (means "Hello") from Hamburg

Glad to join !
Born in Northern Germany, I lived for nearly 25 Years in Liechtenstein and moved back to Hamburg in 2022.
I love Photography, whenever possible Street Photography.
Therefore spotting Street Art was always part of my City Tours, always enjoying.

So while exploring the all the changes of city after such a long time I will love hunting for Street Art.



Hi Martin,
Actually never met anyone who loved in Liechtenstein? How’s the art scene there?

You’ll have plenty to hunt in Hamburg, and i light visit real soon…

Enjoy our family

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Hallo Tim,
Street Art in Liechtenstein … not existing.
Liechtenstein is to clean for Street Photography, same as in the close by Switzerland.

Hamburg looks much more promising now.

Some Questions left:

  • Should a hunter only hunt in his home town? If I found some on my trips, how to behave?
  • How can I get contact to other hunters here in Hamburg, found no obvious way so far
  • I posted already on Mural yesterday, but I was not mentioned as a hunter there: Link
    Do I need to do something specific here?

I plan to contact the artist for more details, figured out the contact data already.


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