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Well I don’t know if it’s a good idea but what if we can add a messaging option on the app. It would be easier for hunters from the same city to talk/meet and also for hunters who are travelling to meet other hunters from other cities.


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Goood point there :slight_smile:
I think it would work out, but we’re trying to prioritize a timeline feature even earlier then a messaging system. Still, I’m curious how many people would like that tho! Anyone else need a pm system in the app?

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Don’t really know how this would work. Is it a contact button, so that people can send a mail/message to the hunters of a certain city?
That could be nice. But a ‘closed’ forum on the website… don’t know if that would add a lot, regarding the work it needs to set up & looking after it.

Personally, I don’t find messaging to be a necessary feature in the app. We already have the forum if you want to reach out to other hunters and though it’s not perfect, I think it does the trick. That’s just my opinion though, curious to hear what others have to say.

Hello everyone! This is Lia aka MovieScientist from Montpellier. I just noticed that some pices have been added to the app with Unknown as the artist. This happoens often and actually often other hunters will know the name of the artist. IS it possible to have some kind of option within the app or the PC version of StreetArtCities where we could add this to help other hunters out?

OK I’m specifically calling out to @roger1964 aka Hawaux Roger in Liege. The stork and baby are by pixel artist @stork_pixelart. This is just to help out like I’ve mentioned before… we can’t all know everything :slight_smile:

Hey Lia,

Maybe we should look into an extra ‘suggestion’ option where we can suggest an artists, so the hunter can do some research and acknowkledge it.
It could well be that aartists could claim certain works as theirs too.

That’s something for our development team @thomas to take a look at

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That would be perfect Tim. It’s of course an excellent suggestion. It’s true that often we come across pieces that have no signature and the authors are hard to recognize. It just so happens I know this stork guy… he has stuff in Montpellier as well (not documented I should say… oups! My bad :slight_smile: )

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