Merging Different Cities into One


Last night I added a whole bunch of things:

  • 46 things in Blacktown NSW, and
  • 41 things in Sydney NSW.

My pattern is that I would separate them as Street Art located in Western Sydney (with Blacktown being the geographical centre) and anything in Sydney stretching from the Hawkesbury River to the north to Woronora in the south. Essentially this creates a dividing line as illustrated below.

However, after seeing Brisbane SAC being launched and looking at Melbourne SAC, which both of them encompass their entire metropolitan area, I’d actually like to merge Western Sydney (Blacktown NSW) and Sydney NSW’s pages together. There are also straddling maps that have zero or one artworks such as Rosebery NSW and Hornsby NSW and I’d like to absorb them all into one entire Sydney SAC.

Also I have a few other artworks in other city territories such as Newcastle, Canberra, the Blue Mountains (Katoomba) and Wollongong that I’d like to upload. What’s the process to arrange access for these? You know, just to know the process.


You’ve done one hell of a job. Merging looks like a good choice, so if i’m correct you’ve uploading on 2 sites? i’m not familiar with the geographic situation but it looks like for cities like Sydney it seems logical to merge them. I can arrange that.

About acces for other cities, send me a mail at and i’ll make it happen

Hey Tim,

Just checking if you received my email sent last Monday about the above.

Yeah i did, I’m gonna sort it out this weekend

@brggsr super cool to see you asking these type of questions. It’s hard to come up with one rule for the entire planet, so you noticing this, comming up with a suggestion and executing on it. Muchos gracias!