Meeting with STeW - ParisFaceCachée Event

Hi there !

So, let me inaugurate this new Topic with one of the few events I already talked about in another post.

There is a kind of festival in Paris this weekend, called Paris Face Cachée. During three days, many associations, private organizations and compagnies propose guided tours with original themes. Prohibited areas will even be open for this special occasion (the Parisian subway company RATP has created a tour of the most famous ghost stations, so cool !!!). You can check here :

One of the activities is a 1h session with the Street Artist STeW in his workshop. In small groups, he will discuss about his passion, his work, his inspirations,… PLUS, there will be a stencil course to create your own Artwork. I’m attending the session on Sunday 03/02 at 1PM, if you are interested : Billetterie : 1, 2, 3, Graffez !

I’ll upload some pictures when the event will be done. I hope to see some of you there too !!

Bonne soirée,

A Parisian Wanderer