Meet up in Athens

@Athensrunner @AwesomeAthens @Kiki
Hi, I’m visiting Athens at the end of November and was wondering if you’d be interested in meeting for a coffee if you’re free?
I’ll be there from 29th November to 7th December (although I’m attending an event on the 1st to 3rd December, so not free during the day then).
Do let me know!


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Nice Initiative Ibrahim:)!

Kaliopi and co are the best choice, Athensrunners is based in London and Kiki, don’t know if she’ really active.
I suggest to send Awesome Athens Experience a DM on IG too

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I’ll do that, I’ve contacted them last year, when I joined. Kiki said that she no longer did Street Art at that time, she was more interested in ‘Abandoned Places’.