May 2021 - New app features!

Hi everyone! Everything is slowly opening back up in London, so I’ve finally spent a bit more time out and about this month, which has definitely helped our creativity in coming up with new features for the Street Art Cities app.

I hope the same is happening for all of you, and life slowly is going back to normal in your region.

What’s new in the app

Here are some new features we’re releasing to the app next week:

  • Street Art Codes
    A new way for artists, production companies and municipalities to provide background information around a mural. Available as a plaque or a sticker, these codes can be scanned with the Street Art Cities app, or using your phone’s built in QR code scanner. Learn more on
  • Community notes
    We love getting feedback from the community. To structure it a bit more and give our hunters a new channel for feedback, we now allow app users to let us know when artworks have been painted over, tagged or when the data in the app is incorrect. Let’s work together to make our database of 37.000+ artworks even more accurate!

These features will be available in version 3.5.0 of the app, which will be available from Monday.

Looking forward to hear what you think!


Some great news Thomas.
How do we see the feedback (removed etc) as hunters in the backend? Or is this only visible in the app, by selecting an artwork?

For now it’s only visible in the app, but we’re working on adding an ‘Inbox’ in the hunter dashboard so that you can see feedback given on any artworks in your city.


great, with 440+ murals in Ghent that would be a great help.


Love this ability! Great work team!

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Hello, just found the notifications by people at the dashboard (thanks to the newsletter).
I notice that most people report a mural as ‘removed’ … while they already have the status removed. So that makes me think that people hardly notice those statuses in the app/on the website.
Is there a way to make this more clear to people ? Putting it them in the title?

That’s a really good point!

Two things we should work on, and that I’ve added for our team to discuss:

  1. Making clearer in the app which items are marked as removed. The website is slightly more consistent in this already, but the app doesn’t really take the ‘removed’ status into account at all.
  2. Preventing those notifications showing up for artworks that are already marked as removed. No action needed in those cases of course.


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