Managing Social Media Posts Recommendations

As per title. I started an Instagram showcasing my Street Art photography across Sydney but the process I’ve been taking is quite long and sometimes a hassle. I would generally prefer it if I could probably schedule them, and then be able to type it from my computer. Usually I copy what I’ve written on Street Art Cities on the murals that I’ve uploaded myself.

Do you have any recommendations or even tips on how to manage an Instagram in terms of daily posts, hashtags, scheduling, themes, and even collaborations with other Street Art social media… anything of the sort?

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I’ve thought long and hard about how to get ALL of my pictures out there with out the hassle of having to post every day and the only way I can think to do it is to create a new account, keep it private, spam my pictures and when I’ve caught up set my account to public. I’ve tested a few things. Artists won’t be spammed with tags but you will have to build your audience from your first public post

Ahh, I have seen your posts regularly on Instagram. It is great to have someone like-minded also into Street Art as well. Wish I had more spare time to explore and document more street art. Canberra has an excellent burgeoning art scene.

Eventually the audience will come by, will just have to be a bit more consistent. Think the main thing was trying to figure out if there was a free app or program to help me queue posts and pictures forward, but at the moment it seems ‘Later’ seems to be the app of choice.

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I’ve used Buffer as well in the past, but can’t remember how well the Instagram integration works.

Why not try Sprout for a month, it has a great interface and it will let you schedule. Costs are €99 per month, but just cancel after the first month, you are done uploading by then. I guess!?

And indeed, just like @frivolaus says, then start builing your audience, and start posting daily.