Looking for ideas for my master thesis

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I’m going write my master (art history) thesis in the next summer semester 2019 and I need your help. I am very interested in street art. The topic of my bachelor thesis was about Street Art (Women Street Artists), so I would like to write again about Street Art in my master thesis. Unfortunately, this time…I’m not as imaginative with the topics as with the Bachelor thesis (1,5 years ago) or have hardly any ideas for a topic. I was thinking about writing about the connection between classical painting and street art (e.g. Conor Harrington, Miss Van or Marco Battaglini)Well I have some ideas but …Rather, I’m not completely satisfied with my ideas.

Are there currently exciting street art topics that could be dealt with in a Master’s thesis?
If you have any ideas … please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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Hey Carina,

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Hey Carina,

What is the master about (like generally)?

Some ideas:

  • Cristal ceiling faced by women in art generally, and then streetart (we are debating this topic a lot during our festival)
  • AMMURA south American assosation of female muralist, have an eye on what they work on
  • difficulties in graffiti/streetart for women (-there are many)

I will post more if they come to my mind, also since we have organised the last edition some debates and the attending artists list was created in an equitative way - in the festivals effort to promote women - let me know if I can help you with anything (experience, contact to artists…)

Cheers for wanting to write your thesis on this “emerging” topic :wink::wink::blush:

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One of the things that keeps surprising me in Bristol is just how many women there are in the street/graffiti art scene at both the low end and high end of the art form. This was perhaps typified at Upfest 2018 (Europe’s largest street art festival hosted in Bristol) where roughly 40% of the artists were women.

I think it would be interesting to investigate the views of the artists themselves what obstacles there are in entering into streetart and in becomins established. My guess is that there would be a whole spectrum of resp[onses and possibly contrary to many perceptions. My personal belief is that the street art community is welcoming and non-judgmental, rarely dwelling on conventional stereotyping.

Good luck with the thesis.


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I think the concept of what “art” is, and the juxtaposition of “classic art” vs. “graffiti” as they are both critiqued and celebrated in culture today is super interesting. Lines are being blurred by “street art” as becomes an increasingly validated art form (culturally AND legally), there are laws being skirted as “street art,” murals and public art are regarded as separate from tagging and graffiti (less offensive crime) — but who’s to decide what art is graffiti and what is street art? The rise of street artists who started out on the streets (many times it is illegal, so they are “vandals”) now hosting shows in galleries like “traditional/classical” artists is also an interesting place to compare the two. How one art form that was once taboo is now being regarded in the same way and space as classic art — when did this happen, are these still “graffiti” artists or are they among classic contemporaries, and are they sellouts to those who still operate in the streets? What about monetization (i.e. Banksy at Sotheby’s v. traditional/classic art for sale)? What about worth (i.e. Shepard Fairey v. Keith Haring, Picasso, etc.)?

Themes are similar to a lot of topics in Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” but we’re seeing so much more of this now! You could definitely focus on the bigger picture and use female artists as case studies. This is something I was asked to consider when working with Alice Pasquini from Rome, who primarily put pieces up for free throughout the city, but was trying to get into the gallery scene.


Hi guys,

please apologize my delayed answer!
Thank you so much for your topics proposals!
I finally have a topic for my master thesis!
Few days ago, I had a chat with my lecturer about my topic … She immediately agreed with the topic :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !
And the topic is…“the woman as a picture in Street Art”. How do street artists paint women?
How do women paint women (e.g. Miss Van, Alice Pasquini etc.)? How do men paint women?

I will keep you up to date regularily!

Thanks again guys :slight_smile:
All the best,
Carina :slight_smile:


I have a folder for what I call “Graffiti Girls”.
I can’t wait to hear more about your thesis!

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Do you mind sharing that folder?
At ArtAeroRap (La Bañeza) we put a lot of effort on having an equal amount of girls and boys painting the murals, and i think it would be very useful since we only know a few female artists.


sorry for the late response!!
Graffiti Girls consists of murals of women/girls.
it’s not necessarily the artists who are female.