Login problem in the manager

I cannot log into my dashboard / manager:

We’ve sent you a message! Click the link in your email to finish your login.

But I never receive the message

Hiya! Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting the email. Two things to try:

  • Check your spam/junk folder. Usually email providers know not to mark us as spam, but some might need to be told explicitly that you’re okay receiving emails from Street Art Cities.
  • If it still doesn’t work, let me know if you want me to reassign your hunter status to another email address.

Problem solved; But I have to go through the reception of a message to each identification, which seems a bit heavy; The management of cookies is probably a problem and does not seem to comply with European regulations.

Hiya! Glad that you can sign in now.

You should be able to stay signed in after signing in via the email verification method for quite a while. Unless you’re on a shared computer of course, in which case you should definitely sign out.

On cookies legislation:

We only use functional cookies, no tracking cookies, which means that we don’t need to ask for permission to store these cookies. You signing in to the website is seen by the legislation is agreeing to storing that cookie. Here is our full cookie policy: Street Art Cities

Hope that helps!

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