Log in error while acessing dashboard

when I try to log in, I see error : This account is not a manager for community “Street Art Saint Petersburg”. [Logout]
Is there a problem with my account? It happened yesterday, before that I was able to access city page without choosing city community in the list.

I just realised why that is, there are a few duplicate sites for St. Petersburg…

I’ve just merged them all together, so hopefully you should be able to sign in here now:

Thomas, thanks! I can log in now.
But you merged accounts of two different Saint Petersburgs - one is in Russia (mine) and one is in USA. What should I do? Should I just delete not relevant objects?
and the map of the city is also USA

whoops! That happened quickly haha, @Isabella_Lea Thomas will look into it later today. thanks for reporting!

Ah, apologies… It looked like they were all St Petersburg, Florida to me! I’ll split them up again in the proper way in the next few hours :slight_smile:

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Thanks, let me now, pls, when my Saint Petersburg will be returned to Mother Russia, where it rightfully belongs))

Glory has been restored! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thank you, comrade))

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