Location pin not displaying

@thomas , I’m having an issue adding a location to new artworks? I get the option to add new artwork but the location map does not have the red pin, so it will not let me publish. This is happening on my phone and in a browser. I have logged out and logged back on, but still no pin. Can you help?

Hi Ibrahim!

I spotted the same thing yesterday. We’re using Google Maps to display this map element, and it seems they currently have a bug where certain markers won’t show up. I’ve sent in a big report, and in the mean time we’re hoping to release an update in the next 24 hours to (temporarily?) switch that map to a different provider.

In the mean time, you can still save artworks by entering an address, but I know not every mural is near an address the Google Maps search understands.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


@thomas , thanks for the update!

Quick update: we’ve now replaced this with a different mapping provider that is more stable.