Location Map Feature Requests

This post is in regards to the feature when adding or modifying an artwork in the Street Art Cities website. Below is the current appearance of the Location Map section. These feature requests are as follows:


Darker building outlines on Map
At the moment, when a building outline is located in a built zone, the colour of the building outline is the same as the ground itself, so it just looks like everything is flat and grey.

Current Street Art Cities map selector:

With darker building outlines:

While the polygons are very slightly able to be spotted, they are quite difficult to see. Making these darker would help place the pin in the right spot.

Size of Location Finder
At the moment, the location finder’s height is 180px (as pictured above). It is a little bit squashed and flat and could do with some more screen place. Because the window is so small, it actually limits some of the functions you could do when selecting the location.
I would like to propose the height of the location_map div to be at least 250px (note 300px is shown below)


The benefits of the above is that it actually reveals the Map vs Satellite map toggle, so people are more confident in placing the pin in the right place. Just like with the darker building outlines for more accurate placements of murals and artworks. It also shows the Google Street View man, so you can verify with existing Street View in the area as well.

Hope these are good ideas.


Great suggestions, love small improvements like this!

I don’t want to make any promises around timings this week (it’s only Tuesday morning and my todo list is already completely off the rails…), but I’ll try to implement these towards the end of the week.

@brggsr These changes are now live. Thanks again for your suggestions!

Have a great weekend!