Legal walls / HoF

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to point out legal walls on our map is a nice idea, but the local hunters on site have the better informations than the source For Essen that means, that our main HoF is not on the map. HoF Borbeck (at Schloss Quelle Mellis) is a semi legal wall, which means, that you are only allowed to paint after asking for allowance.
The local hunters should have the opportunity to add comments at least!


Pretty good point you got there, we’ll take this feedback with us and see how we can improve this.

Thanx Andrea

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Agreed with the post above. We now have double posts and one legal wall provided bij is not there anymore. would be good if we can add photo’s to the legal wall and/or remove one if not correct


I had NO IDEA about the web page “legal walls” ! Thank you for posting about it. I know my comment is off-topic but thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks @aguidetoleeuwarden, good to see you around by the way :slight_smile:
We’ll take this on with the team of legal walls and get back to you!