As I introduced before in this forum, I’ve been documenting graffiti in Tokyo for over 3 years for my PHD. One year ago we started a new project in addition to this. It’s a new exclusive marketplace only focused in Graffiti. It works by invitation only for collectors and artists so we can grow a very select community and curated works.
If you’ll like to have a look, please request an invite and we will send you the link to connect here: https://totemo.art/
Thank you!

Hi Elena,

We’re trying to get to know the NFT space for a few months now, and we’re really eager to use the power of it, to launch/promote artists. The partners that we rely on is streetlab.io, that is both a community and a platform that does NFT drops. Very very interesting space and something I’m curious about, to what extent are others involved or interested in NFT?