Introduction - REMIDO1962

Hi, I am Raphael from Krefeld, which is the city like silk and velvet near Düsseldorf.
I’m happy to join SAC, where so many people with the same passion for hunting new Street Art places! My favourite cities are Heerlen and Brussels!

For 10 years I have been looking for cool murals, but I also like the coloured power boxes! I am 59 years old and I hope that when I retire there will be more time for it!

I look forward to an active exchange with you, also with criticism of my contributions! I have posted the first pictures for this year’s festival and that of 2017, and I hope you like them!


Hi Raphaël,

Thanks for the introduction and for putting Krefeld on the street art map. I wasn’t aware of it until now. And that’s the beauty of this community.

Welcome to the family and since our core team is based in Heerlen and Antwerp, feel free to reach out when you’re heading that way again.

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Hi Tim,

when will my home city Krefeld going online on the app?

My friends are asking every day…

Best regards


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Hey Raphaël,

We’re preparing a new set of cities to launch in the app.
You’ve done a great job, so get ready…


Check the app Raphaël.
Btw the guys from Goch send me their complete map:

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