Incomplete Artist Profile Claims

Hello, we are getting some interesting feedback from artists who have claimed their profile. For some of them, the tick is shown against their name. For others, there is no tick and profile claim does not appear to be finalised.
Perhaps one of the verification steps was missed…?

Is there a way to send a prompt to those artists who have not fully completed their profile claim?




I go over every artist page claim myself and have seen some requests referred by you guys. I suggest that they contact me at, that way I can follow up and see where the problem lies

Thank you, Tim!
We’ve had a couple of ticks show up in the last few days, which is great to see! We are still missing a tick for Tara Cull’s profile (@MovieScientist was helping with the registration)… do we have a missing step there?


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Heya! The tick is added the first time the artist saves their profile, so adding one or more details should do the trick. After that happens, the tick should start showing up within an hour.