Improvements on your maps

Hi guys,

The last few weeks a lot of hunters gave us awesome ideas or asked us to improve some things. :bulb::sparkles: We made a to do list and already improved a few things. Check it out!

We already added photocredits under each post but you couldn’t see who made what exactely :camera_flash: That’s why we added the photocredits under each photo. This is also very useful for blogs, magazines, artist, who’d like to repost your photos.


Login hunters
I think I don’t need to ask you if you remember the looooooong login list. :see_no_evil: Luckily we changed it for you and made it soooo much easier. Just go to your website and click on the little :lock: Now you can log into your own website.


City insights
A few weeks ago we built a new functionality; City insights. Cities can pay for a yearly account so they can login and check this info:

  • City skyline picture in header
  • Info on number of artworks, artists, monthly views and hunters
  • Artist by nationality
  • Map with city area artwork density
  • Nearby cities; distance from your city, amount of artworks an how many views.
    *constantly improving

Besides getting this information we’re adding a city logo to the map at the bottom of the screen, to show the partnership. We don’t want to approach a city ourselves, we would like to do this in collaboration with all of you (if you don’t mind). You are the experts on what’s going on in your city and know better what to do, who to contact and what not to do!
Check out Kurt’s map in the city of Hasselt in Belgium.


Enough to do!
There is still enough to do and we’re constantly working on improvements but we need more time haha. Some things on our list;

  • Hunter dashboard
  • Extra info artwork
  • More info about the hunter
  • Bigger pictures
  • ‘Back to start’ problem with uploading murals
  • Graveyard functionality
  • Knowing where you are!

Great update Sanne :slight_smile:

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Just thinking about one item I don’t see on the list: how about artist pages (to show their social media links for ex.) ?


Awesome improvements. Thanks for working so hard.

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We are developing the artist pages, but it takes a lot of time. We first wanted to fix some ‘bugs’ and small improvements that our hunters asked for. We keep you updated!

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