Improve the SEO of your projects

Hi guys, If any of you is interested in boosting the SEO of your projects. Hit me up! We can discuss about several techniques to do so!

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See that’s what we’re talking about, cool to see someone offer expertise so the community can benefit!

@thomas I see we have some SEO advice from Madrid! Is it pure technical @Streetartmadrid? Or is it about stuff that our hunters can also do themselves to improve our ranking in google?

Thanks @Streetartmadrid! Do you happen to have some kind of checklist?

That would really help, because there’s certainly a lot that can still be done on the SEO side of things, so any recommendations are more than welcome!

Hi @thomas , we could set up a schedule in our calendars to discuss about what you guys are doing internatly to boost SEO and then which other techniques could each hunter could do on their end. Skype?

Sounds good! Would love to talk with you about that. Would you mind picking a timeslot here:

Looking forward to heading from you!

waiting for you on google hang & skype

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Just wanted to add something on this. I see some walls/pieces from Ghent I put online now popping up on google … but always with other cities as a link.

as an example, found this link in google:
(not Aachen, but a wall in Ghent)

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