Important: Upcoming change to the forum

Hi guys,

We’re working on integrating the forum and the hunter dashboard better with each other. As a start we started showing recent forum posts on the hunter dashboard a few weeks ago.

We’re about to take it a step further: soon, to sign in to the forum, you will sign in through the hunter dashboard. That will allow us to do all sorts of cool stuff with integrating the two better, including allowing you to jump from the hunter dashboard to the forum and vice-versa, without the need to log in twice.

What does that mean for you? For anyone that already has a forum account, the next time you’ll log in, you might be asked to sign in with your hunter account. This will create a new profile on the forum, so at that point, you’ll have two profiles there. I’ll keep an eye on whenever that happens, and I’ll then merge in your old profile with your new profile, so that you keep your posts, likes and badges.

Sorry for the hassle this might bring for a little while, but in the long term this will make loads of stuff so much easier, so we hope you don’t mind too much!