Icons Not Appearing/Updating

Three things for this post.

  1. About an hour ago I emailed Stef about artwork icons that are not properly appearing on the website. An example is Anthony Lister’s artwork in Benalla. There is an artwork uploaded but no smaller logo is generated. A similar one for Adnate’s artwork is also blank. I’m not sure why.

  1. While I’ve updated most of the artworks in Canberra (from the zoomed in detail to the overview), the icon hasn’t changed. While I do like some of these close-ups, there is a lot of inconsistency between what it shown and when clicked, what is presented first. While a few icons have updated in Benalla (currently working on), many are still the old photo. Example below with the blue-filtered icon vs the neutral-coloured one. See also: Molly Brunner, Serafina, and Rone’s other piece near Nixon Street.

  1. I think the Marker Clustering Solutions tooltip is not working (i.e. this below). Clicking or tapping on these numbers at a considerable zoom is not bringing up the tooltip.

On the plus side, this giant cluster above of 18 artworks in one spot on Bridge Street East Benalla is completely gone and pinned to their rightful places. It is incredibly satisfying.

Are you able to investigate these?


Will investigate tommorow!


We are having huge issues with the map too, on both the web and app.

No numbers appearing at all on the phone app, and in places where there are many artworks many just don’t appear on the map at all.

On the web app you get a circle with a number, but no ability to drill into what they are (ie as Briggs says above the tooltips seem to be completely missing).

Hi @Andrew_Haysom @brggsr, just fixed the web issue will be taking a look at the app now.


Thanks very much Noa!

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