Hunting in a new city

Hi guys,
I live in Basel but I am from Lisbon, therefore I go there often.
In the last two weeks, I was in Lisbon and found a lot of pieces that are not yet in our app.
Would it be possible to add Lisbon to my profile so that I can upload the missing pieces I found there?

I also see that some artists have multiple “pages”, making it difficult for someone to search by artist. Isn’t there a way to limit it? For example, Bordalo II has three different designations.
We should agree on a name convention when adding a new artist. At least with the biggest artists. Or create an option to link all those designations together?



We can add Lisboa to your profile, so you can add new pieces.

About artists, we’re working on Artist profiles now and then this problem shouldn’t occur anymore.
I changed all the Bordalo’s for now, matching them to one artist profile:


Thanks a lot for your support.
Keep the good work.

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