Hunterviews are back!

Hi hunters,

After our amazing hunter meetup in Cologne and hearing all the inspirational stories of the hunters present, I thought this would be a good time to bring back our beloved ‘hunterviews’.
I think it would be awesome for our community to learn the stories of fellow hunters, so I already sent out the first requests to a new batch of hunters. If you can’t wait to participate, just respond in this topic and I’ll sent you the questionnaire.
Below you’ll find an overview of the published hunterviews (links will be updated soon, but you can find 'em all on our blog), I’ve read some of them again. Some of the hunters have left us but some of them I already met personally and even became good friends.
@thomas wouldn’t it be good idea to add a link to these hunterviews to the hunter profiles?

Sanne Gijsbers - Heerlen , NL
Tim Marschang - Antwerpen , BE
David Roos - Rotterdam
Ferdinand Feys - Ghent , BE
Ann - Montreal, CAN
Lou Chamberlin -Melbourne
Hector Campbell -Bristol
Wojciech Jaskólski - Łódź
Fredric Sanabria - Stockholm
Unni Pedersen - Bergen (inactive)
Sergey Radyuk - Minsk
Regina Weinkauf - Aachen
LukeDaDuke -Eindhoven
Dieter Weinkauf -Cologne
Fredrik -Los Angeles
Martin Arz -Munich
Michael Nol -Breda
Noel Perez -Paris
Frank W. Avila -Medelin
Marcos A. Hernandez -Houston
Kurt Bosmans -Hasselt
Alvaro Ramirez -Valparaiso , CHL
Mathieu aka hopem -Toulouse, FR
Gaye -Istanbul , TUR
Christian Winkler -Vienna , AUT
Lena Tarasova -Moscow , RUS
Malene Sabinsky -Copenhagen , DK
Lewis Duncan - Barcelona, ES (now in Liverpool)
Corey Koch - Pittsburgh , USA
Isabel Torres -Mannheim , DE
Michael Zambino -Atlanta
Beatrice Beladi - Athens , GR
Alejandro Angel T. - Bogota , COL
Doris -Zagreb
Sebastian - Düsseldorf, DE
John Domine -New York :
Kaliopi & Thomas - Athens:
Victoria - Dunedin

Neda - Melbourne
Øistein - Bergen , NO
Erwin Tommissen - Hasselt, BE


And here’s the first one of the reboot, introducing Neda from Melbourne


Thanks for continuing to publish these, really enjoy reading them!

Nice interview @Virusfreak79!


Introducing Øistein from Bergen


New hunterview live:
Erwin Tommissen from Hasselt, BE