Hunters link not working

Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me but when I open the street art cities app, click on the “hunters” link and try to upload new art pics, I click “done” in the top right once I’ve finished adding the images that I want to, and the page just closes down without out saving anything. I can’t upload anything new at all.

Help and/or advice please!

Hi @GemilyStrange, selecting the “hunters” option initiates a “webview” within the app, essentially directing you to the Street Art Cities website. Within this view, you’re able to execute all standard actions as you would on the actual website as a hunter, like adding artworks. However, saving your new artwork is dependant on setting the location and image. Once these prerequisites are met, you can save your entry. Pressing the “done” button at the top corner merely exits the Webview and returns you to the app’s main interface.

Hope this helps :smile: