Hunters for crete wanted

so, i‘m almost at the end of my 2 week crete roundtrip and i really wonder, why there are no hunters…

there are really nice spots around heraklio, chania, agia nikolaos, matala…
you can walk around heraklio for hours and ther‘s something around every corner…
i‘m really in love with dizi alex’ art… she‘s amazing :heart:

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Wow, this is actually pretty special stuff. Must attract many tourists I guess! So no hunter there aye… ?

unfortunatelly not… as we walked around there were no people… (maybe of corona and the ending season on crete…)
the four elements mural is really hard to find and heraklio is a very angeld city… i had to write dizi herself where i can find this piece :sweat_smile: but she was supernice and told me the spot… :smiling_face:

i really hope some greek people start spotting here… it‘s worth it :heart: