Hunter from Bologna

Hi Hunters
I’m Stefano from Bologna, Italy, a city full of street art.

I’m a streetart lover, as you can see on my Instagram account ste_naxx.

I’m a great lover of Berlin too, another place famous for street art.

See youuu


Hello Stefano,

Welcome to Street Art Cities! You had a great start already, many nice uploads:)!
Keep going!

Cheers Stef

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Thank you so much!
Hope I’ll be able to add some other beautiful things.

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Hi Stefano,
Welcome, how are the leaning towers of Bologna doing, lol.
I see you’re also on board with the ‘unknown artist’ strategy. I sent ypou a DM on IG to already solve one of those mysteries.


Great to see progress in this issue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . Let’s solve these unknowns folks

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