Hunter for Worcester, UK

@Streetartwerpenaar , @thomas On the 16th & 17th September there was a Paint Festival in Worcester, UK. I’m hoping to visit at the weekend and wanted to ask to be added as a Hunter for that City.

There already is a Worcester listed on the App but it’s in the USA, so this one would need to be marked differently (easiest to add UK at the end?).

Hey Ibrahim,

Done buddy, if you have time check in with the organisation. We’ve been talking about addin their festival…

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Hi, yes, I was going to send them a message, like I did with Swindon. :slight_smile:

@Streetartwerpenaar The Festival came back and sounded happy! They sent a link to their map which also includes the art from the 2022 & 2021 Festivals, so hopefully I’ll get photos of a lot of them!